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Artist/Art Director.

 I feel like I’m starting to understand the “real” world. Originality is not really the key to being successful. Originality can make you legendary or really terrible. Who ever copies best wins usually or you can just have a gimmick. If you can do what someone else does good better then you probably should. Copying is fucking wack tho. Also I believe success has a lot to do with the people you surround yourself with. I’m not the best designer but, I do have a vision that I think is ill. I can hire a designer, shipping, social media, etc… I am currently focused on building the right team.

I spoke with one of the homies before I left Dallas. I spoke about my newfound respect for 40oz Van. I commend dude to the highest for being able to live off of what he does with the hats. He attained “The Juice” from throwing parties in NYC and the shit jumped. Most importantly he had PRODUCT and A Vision.

I’m starting to wonder if a brand is based more off of who makes/wears it than it’s actual design. 

 Also fuck elitist… maybe. I walked around Beverly Hills on Rodeo for the 1st time in my life. Twas rather inspiring and discouraging at the same time. Some people have tons of fucking money Sadly, I currently am not one of those people. I’m sure I’d think it was the illest place ever if I was a millionaire. Perspective and shit.

I don’t ever want War tee’s to cost 1000 dollars and shit. That’s weak as fuck. 


I saw Erykah the other day at Prophet bar. When I was introduced to her she tried to stare into my soul. I didn’t back down and immediately returned the soul stare. We stood there trapped in each others past, present and future.  then she walked off. probably to go question her entire life after our meeting. or not……

Erykah- 2.

Blue- 0.

until next time… ;)