1. War Club by Blue. Pen on paper.

  2. Blue’s Essentials. 

  3. "The Almighty Dollar" (Praise him) by Blue

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  4. #MoreWar

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    Which Blue gets to be called Blue when all the Blues are in the same location?  

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  6. I got the chance to paint a mural of my current mummy theme I’ve been playing with. I painted it in about 3 days it’s by far my biggest painting. I wanted to create an experience like nothing in Dallas. I’ve been throwing Shindigs since I had a small apt in Denton while at UNT. The whole idea was to create an environment that wasn’t as hectic as the club however not as boring as a get-together. We will be having these once a month. Here are a few of my favorite pictures I snapped via polaroid. Wage War Shindig II powered by Vitamin Water.

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    #WageWar Holiday 12’ releases tomorrow at 10am CST. Http://store.wage-war.com

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    New Logo Tee and lighter pack avalable now. 

    Store is open. 


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  10. 👐🔥 #WageWar goodies. These come with the tee that’s releases this Friday. 

  11. Blue. NYC. 9-2012. Working on documenting my story. 

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    New Logo. Wage War. “There is no peace without War.” “Create your own rules” “Take no L’s” “Win”

    Everyone everywhere knows what War is. War is as American as apple pie. The Headdress represents America before we knew it. The helmet represents those who fight their own wars whether it be with a m-16, a paintbrush, a microphone, or their mind. The bandana represents creating your own rules. 

    We are preparing new stickers, tee’s, crewnecks, hoodies, and accessories. Pay attention.

    Wage War.

    Created by: Blue

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  13. "Boo" #WageWar art by:Blue The Great

  14. Shout out to the LoyalKnG homies. 

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    Wage War Summer 2012.

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