1. War Club logo by Blue. A few homies who believe in living by their own rules. 

  2. DGK ad mummy flip by Blue (The Great) Marker and duct tape.

  3. Trap lord/Hood pope mummy by Blue. Asap Ferg. Not sure who shot this photo.

  4. War Club by Blue. Pen on paper.

  5. "Acid (W)Rap" Chance The Rapper -by Blue The Great.

    (Source: Bluethegreat.com)

  6. The ski mask way. Photo illustration by @bluethegreat Photo by Billy Kid

  7. @Rihanna mummied out. Yuh. Did a few colorways and shit. Nahm sayin.

  8. The Carter New Jacks. by @BlueTheGreat May release this in a sticker pack with “The Los Angeles Clappers” & “Toronto Rappers” It would be ill as a shirt tho. 

  9. staceyhash:

    Much love to @bluethegreat

    Shot by Chris, illustrated by me. 

  10. xxx by Blue

  11. Beyonce’s GQ photo’d by Terry Richardson. Illustrated by Blue The Great. 

  12. Starting these Dirty Magazine illustrations. #BlueTheGreat #illustration #sketch #art

  13. Self Portait. I need to quit being lazy and add a BG and a body. 

  14. Kendrick Lamar Vector I’m stuck on right now. #gkmc not sure where to go with this one. 

  15. Mouth x Blunt.