1. BlueTape ep1: Making of the Mummy Converse Chuck Taylor

    Rode to the homies crib, grabbed a sprite and painted some Mummy Chuck Taylor’s for one of my clients. I really liked how the shoe came out. I have to make a pair for myself. The Jams played at the 2nd location are mostly from my spotify playlist. —->open.spotify.com/user/1245443102/playlist/6cYXeCpRcOIgjHuJNWsoa1

  2. Picked up a new camera. Realized I sound terrible singing. Drew a little mummy dude and background using markers and pens. 

  3. IN LOVING MEMORY OF RICKY BAKER” acrylic painting by Blue. 14x11 framed flat canvas. My new favorite painting. Watermark is digital. Always taking offers.

  4. "Nefer-veli" by Blue. Acrylic on canvas. 24x36.

  5. (Source: dijitalnoiz)

  6. Custom Mummy Sk8-hi’s by Blue. 

  7. Custom Mummy sk8-hi’s by Blue. 

  8. Mummy by Blue. 

    (Source: bluethegreat.com)

  9. http://BLUETHEGREAT.com

    Created in Illustrator using a wacom tablet. 

  10. Lurk team reign supreme


  11. Mixed some Toro with some Daft.

    Lose yourself to dance x You Hid

    Fucking around on Virtual DJ. 

  12. "Mummy" Vans by Blue

  13. "Blue x Bron" Lebron James Mummy by Blue. 

  14. iTunes by Blue. Going to make all mummy icons and make them available for DL.

  15. Blue downtown LA Metro. Shot by Chrispimages