1. Picked up a new camera. Realized I sound terrible singing. Drew a little mummy dude and background using markers and pens. 

  2. IN LOVING MEMORY OF RICKY BAKER” acrylic painting by Blue. 14x11 framed flat canvas. My new favorite painting. Watermark is digital. Always taking offers.

  3. "Nefer-veli" by Blue. Acrylic on canvas. 24x36.

  4. Custom Mummy Sk8-hi’s by Blue. 

  5. Custom Mummy sk8-hi’s by Blue. 

  6. DGK ad mummy flip by Blue (The Great) Marker and duct tape.

  7. Trap Lord/Hood Pope mummy illustration by Blue. A$AP Ferg. 


  8. corytownes:

    "Oxymoron" X "TDEAT" by my boy Blue The Great.

  9. Trap lord/Hood pope mummy by Blue. Asap Ferg. Not sure who shot this photo.

  10. "After Death" by Blue. Biggie Smalls. Acrylic on Canvas 24x36. FOR SALE serious inquiries 5bluethegreat@gmail.com

  11. 30x30 acrylic on canvas by: Blue

  12. "The Crazy 88 and Sofie’s Arm" by Blue. 

    Kill Bill Vol. 1. One of the illest fight scenes of all time. 

    Pen on paper. Colored digtally

    (Source: bluethegreat.com)

  13. "Mumsenberg" by Blue. Pen on Paper.

    (Source: bluethegreat.com)

  14. War Club by Blue. Pen on paper.

  15. Book of wraps.