1. Los Angeles to Portland.

    Flew out to Portland from LAX Weds. Came out to link with a few homies and paint a mural for one of the homies. Chris took me to the Airport after we ate hella snacks. I got some spicy munchies  for myself and he got hella snacks… sour belts, nasty ass puffy cheetos and some other shit. I don’t know why he got all that shit. Terrible combo. I sat next to some sleepy buff dude on the plane. I was in the isle catching every shoulder charge possible. Across the aisle was another artist. An older lady who told me she really like my work. She painted these oil gambling paintings. She likes poker and shit. It was pretty cool. I landed in Portland at 5 something. It was raining. Picked up some paint and supplies. Here’s some photos from Los Angeles and Portland.

    Portland blog


    Security Check

    Portland blog-4

    Portland blog-8

    Portland blog-9

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  2. LACMA

    Went to LACMA with “V”. Impressed her with all my knowledge about tar pits which she had never heard of. Saw some ill paintings. I noticed that most of the work being displayed was oil paintings. I need to get in the field. Saw some OG Picassos, Roy Lichenstein, and Andy Warhol work. I didn’t know that those were oil prints. Pictures don’t do paintings justice.





    lacma-8 copy


  3. BlueTape ep1: Making of the Mummy Converse Chuck Taylor

    Rode to the homies crib, grabbed a sprite and painted some Mummy Chuck Taylor’s for one of my clients. I really liked how the shoe came out. I have to make a pair for myself. The Jams played at the 2nd location are mostly from my spotify playlist. —->open.spotify.com/user/1245443102/playlist/6cYXeCpRcOIgjHuJNWsoa1

  4. Custom Mummy Converse Chuck Taylor’s by Blue. Tongues. #bluesqualitygoods #kotd #customkicks #chucks #chucktaylors #mummy

  5. Custom Mummy high top Converse Chuck Taylor by Blue for @arianfoster. #bluesqualitygoods #kotd #chucks #chucktaylors #bluethegreat #customs #customkicks #mummy #converse

  6. Picked up a new camera. Realized I sound terrible singing. Drew a little mummy dude and background using markers and pens. 

  7. Bebe’s kid Mummy by Blue. Marker on paper. #tbt #art #mummy #bebeskids #drawing #sketch #kahill #bluethegreat

  8. Pink Panther mummy by Blue. Marker on paper.

  9. Blue’s Quality Goods: Custom “Psychedelic Mummy” Sk8-hi @vans by Blue. Also known as “Acid Wraps”#kotd #vans #bluesqualitygoods #tiedye #nicekicks #customkicks #kicksonfire #sk8hi #underthepalms #vanscustomculture (at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX))

  10. Sold this giant today. #art #paint #bluethegreat #mummy #naplord #thiscouldbeus #bae

  11. War Club logo by Blue. A few homies who believe in living by their own rules. 

  12. IN LOVING MEMORY OF RICKY BAKER” acrylic painting by Blue. 14x11 framed flat canvas. My new favorite painting. Watermark is digital. Always taking offers.

  13. "Nefer-veli" by Blue. Acrylic on canvas. 24x36.

  14. (Source: dijitalnoiz)

  15. "Nefer-veli" by Blue. (24x36) Acrylic paint on canvas. For sale. I didn’t plan this one. Just started painting and figured it out. #art #bluethegreat #tupac #2pac #nefertiti #mummy #artforsale #detroit #redwings